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Birthdate:Dec 30
I created this account to read friends only posts in other peoples journals.

This is a friends only journal. Those of you that know me will know how to be added. Apparently that wasn't true. :) Please use the LJ message utility to let me know who you are when you add me. I don't check the "Also Friend Of" to see when people add me.

Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.

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501st, 501st legion, abnormal psychology, alcohol, animation, anime, are you being served?, b+d, babylon 5, big o, blizzard games, bloom county, body piercing, body piercings, caffeine, carrie-ann moss, chaos, chi, chicks, cisco, clustering, comic books, comics, computer games, computers, cons, conventions, costumes, d&d, dark jedi, dark lords, death, dilbert, dragoncon, dreams, dungeons and dragons, erotica, fantasm, fantasy, fencing, fifth wave, foxtrot, games, garfield, get fuzzy, gi joe, girls, global conquest, halloween, harry potter, hentai, highlander, hr giger, ice cream, icecream, indie films, japan, japanese culture, jay and silent bob, jedi, john hughes films, jrr tolkein, jung, kevin smith, kevin smith movies, kilts, knives, light sabers, linux, lord of the rings, lucid dreams, magic, magick, manga, martial arts, marvin the martian, metaphysics, michael moorcock, monty python, mythology, myths, native american, neil gaiman, non sequiter, occult, oddities, oral sex, pagan, pagan humor, paganism, paranormal, parapsychology, penny arcade, philosophy, phoenix, piercing, piercings, porn, psychology, qabala, rebel legion, red dwarf, redheads, renaissance faire, renaissance festivals, rhps, rock climbing, rocky horror, rocky horror picture show, role playing, role-playing, roleplaying, roleplaying games, sarcasm, sci-fi, sci-fi cons, sci-fi conventions, sci-fi/fantasy, sci/fi cons, sci/fi fantasy conventions, science, science fiction, scifi, sensuality, sex, sexuality, shibari, slashdot, sluggy freelance, solitude, star trek, star wars, stephen wright, stormtroopers, sushi, tantra, tao, terry pratchett, the prisoner, the sandman, the sith, tolkein, trinity, unix, user friendly, vampires, william gibson, witchcraft, women
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